Principal Message

R.K. Walia

Believe, Courage, Positive attitude, Happiness, Perseverance, Passion, Change etc.

They are the fundamental factors which play an important role in laying a strong foundation of a child to grow in a harmonious way. Self-belief has a great impact on attitude, behavior, satisfaction, success and ultimately on life itself. Hence, it is of utmost importance of parents, teachers and mentors to inculcate and train students to understand their individual potential and help them nurture their capabilities. The understanding of oneself is the foundation for mental, emotional and personal development.

The objective of education should not be limited to train the mind and the body, training heart also demands equal emphasizes. Contrary to popular belief, it is quite possible to train our emotional balance will react to people and situation in an appropriate manner.

In GDGIS our endeavor is to provide the best scholastic, holistic and all round development of the students and prepare them to face the challenges of tomorrow.